The MiiNii Program


We all know how easily our children are influenced by their environment. Studies show, and I’ve seen on numerous occasions in my work and home how children flourish and are more confident in their abilities when they receive consistent, positive support and encouragement. It’s easier said than done. It requires time, effort and an invested mindset and resource. Last but not least it takes a village. MiiNii wants to be a part of your child’s support network. 


When you sign up your child, once a month, they receive in the post, a beautifully designed card with a personalised, motivational message, poem or story. Along with the card comes a one page, age appropriate, fun and educational activity geared towards boosting their self-confidence and esteem. Kids love it and so will you! Take some time to browse our site, if you’re in, sign up your child on the MiiNii Program.


Sign up in 3 simple steps

  1. Complete and send your application.  Knowing your child’s interest or hobbies helps MiiNii plan their monthly card message and activities.

  2. You’ll receive a paypal link via email to pay the fees.

  3. That’s it, your child’s in! Look out for their first card and activity in the post! 

  4. MiiNii gets in touch with the parent every 3 months for a child profile update (to see if their hobbies or interests have changed)

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