Parents’ FAQs

  1. What is MiiNii? I’ll use this space to briefly introduce myself. I’m Mary, the founder of MiiNii. MiiNii stands for Miles and Nia, my son and daughter, the inspiration behind my start up . MiiNii is a startup I founded in London in 2017. All its products, projects and services are aimed at building child literacy, confidence and esteem.  I’ve published children’s books I’ve written, made donations and initiatied various projects for children in need, and most recently, the kids mentoring program – MiiNii.
  2. What does the MiiNii program involve? When you sign your child up on the MiiNii Progam, once a month, they receive in the post, a beautifully designed card with a unique, motivational message. Along with the card comes a one page age appropriate activity that geared towards boosting their self-confidence and esteem. Kids love it and so will you!
  3. What is the content of the message?  The message could be  poem, a short story or a few lines reminding your child of how capable and amazing they are. The activities are age appropriatie and a pedagogically conceptualised. For example, a 5 year who loves coloring may receive a one page drawing of an inspiring image (e.g. a super hero or heroine) or a 7 year old would recieve a crossword puzzle with positive thematic words to solve. It’s fun but they’ll be learning and be inspired to continue to be awesome! 
  4. How does MiiNii decide what to write? MiiNii is particularly interested in your child’s unique talent, passion and interest. In the application be sure to let us know. MiiNii also takes into account the child’s national curriculum but your child’s uniqueness comes first. This approach fosters a strong sense of identity in your child. If your child has any current learning challenges and you think it may be relevant please also let us know. All information we receive is treated with privacy and confidentiality.
  5. Why should I sign up my child?  Every child loves to receive a little card of surprise in the post! But there’s more to the card than meets the eye. Inside there’s a message and there’s an activity. It’s fun and children need to enjoy the learning process. The love for learning makes children curious and engaged. It increases their intrinsic motivation to achieve. They are better able to self-regulate efforts to persevere, despite challenge and frustration. This is skill is key to emotional intelligence, mental health and academic success.
  6. What are the other benefits of the MiiNii program? Some of our clients see the program as a “distance mentoring lite” package. It’s essentially a series of cards and messages that reinforces positive thinking and self confidence. Mentoring channels a child’s energies so they focus more on their capabilities and goals and not others’. When a child has a mentor behaviour, attitudes and relationships improve because they become more self-aware and confident. Menotring provides children with the encouragement they need. Children believe what they hear and what they hear manifests in their actions. Words of encouragement nurtures their sense of self, confidence and esteem. Research shows that consistent and positive talk and exposure over a period of time Praising is easier than encouraging and teachers, parents and other educators are more inclined to briefly praise instead of dedicating time and effort to encourage. MiiNii encourages using a simple, fun and consistent technique. 
  7. At what age can I sign up my child? – The program is suitable for any child. However children between ages 4 and 10 may benefit most from the program. If you have a baby or toddler, why note sign them up and read their cards and messages to them once a month?
  8. Does my child have to reply to the letters they once a month? No. If you sign up for the VIP Access program they can write to MiiNii at Unit 29213, PO Box 6945, London, W1A 6US. The MiiNii penpal program allows your child to write to MiiNii once month and they receive a reply from MiiNii. MiiNii’s replies encourage children to reflect and express themselves creatively, and of course, reinforce positive thinking and motivation. 
  9. If my child chooses to reply does it have to be hand written letter? Not at all. You can sit with your child and reply by email to
  10. My child’s interest changes, how will the content of the cards and activities remain interesting and engaging? Every 3 months MiiNii will send a brief message to parents so they can update their child’s profile. What’s their new interest,  passion, hobby? Have they gone from having astronaut career goals to pilot goals? Are they about to have a new baby brother or sister? Has Maths now become a bore and chore? Tell MiiNii and she’ll provide support, gguidance and encouragement in her cards.
  11. How much does it cost to sign up? Refer to our page The MiiNii program for fees. Postage and admin fees are included. There are no other extra or hidden costs. 
  12. My child is fine, super confident and already has a strong support network why should I sign them up? Every child can benefit from a mentor. The program provides encouragement in a simple, fun and consistent way.  As parents and carers you define the limits of your child’s potential by your time, resources and their environment. By signing up you are adding another priceless learning and development resource to their amazing support network.
  13. The program fees are quoted in pounds sterling (£) will this be converted when I make payment  in another currency? Yes, MiiNii is a start up registered in England, we do however use paypal to process payments and this conversion will be made at payment stage.
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