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Miinii’s Book Donations to Mama Paradise Orphanage 

With 50 ABC Notebooks and a heart of gold, Queen Mukami arrived from U.S to Kibera, Kenya to give back to a country that she proudly calls home. With little pomp or fuss Queen managed to make her trip to the Mama Paradise orphanage in Kibera an unforgettable one, or, in the words of one of the children, ‘an early Christmas’.  Their joy was cushioned with gratitude as they were lavished with gifts, treats and school supplies. The visit gave the kids a renewed hope to fulfil their dreams. Dreams to become a doctor? A pilot? A teacher? To be someone else besides the “orphaned child”.

If our 50 MiiNii book donations contribute to making their dreams come true, MiiNii would be one step nearer to its vision. A vision that all little readers will make great leaders.

Thank you Queen and Mama Paradise!

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Are you heading to a town or home that would benefit from a book or from our Read With MiiNii program? Please get in touch. Or,  why not contact us to see how you can contribute to making our next venture a success? 

Photo Credits

Thanks to Malkia Photography by Queen Mukami for the heart warming photographs below. Children at Mama Paradise are excitedly receiving their ABC Notebooks (My ABC Notebook). Get your copies from Amazon or contact us directly.