The Climate Change Chat – When and How?

When and how do we begin to talk about climate change to the next generation? When? Now. How? At story time.

My Wheely Fun ABC Rhymes book is perfect for babies and toddlers and climate change is on the agenda! Order copies via

My Wheely Fun ABC Nursery Rhymes – a book for all kids that covers current themes and issues from the environment to food to physics! And it’s fun to read or should I say sing? 🙂

MiiNii – Little Readers, Great Leaders

Xenophobia and Education

“Education can defeat xenophobia but it must happen during the early years of child development and the teacher must inspire love.” Miinii – little readers, great leaders.

My Friends and I: short stories and activities to master key social skills by Mary Loanga-Balamba is a must read for every child.

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