Hi! I’m Mary, author, founder of MiiNii and like many of my cutomers, a proud mom of two amazing toddlers.  Before my daughter’s birth and during her first years,

I did quite a bit of research on child development and literacy. What’s the secret to raising smart, confident and emotionally balanced children with an intrinsic passion for books? To simplify my findings: little voracious readers  with  high emotional intelligence are likely to become great leaders. I thought, “If I could write books along these lines, our children’s futures could be pretty amazing”. MiiNii was born.

MiiNii Books

MiiNii Books creatively fuse vocabulary building concepts and confidence building activities. They’re colourful, fun to read and engaging for children and even adults! Click here to order copies.

MiiNii Today
Since 2018 I’ve written 5 books and have at least 50 more book ideas that keep me awake at night. Surely, this isn’t the most financially viable venture but the awe, the excitement and hope I feel when customers or donees receive a MiiNii book is priceless.

MiiNii’s Reading Program

I wanted to take my vision of “little readers make great leaders” one step further by setting up a story time programme to increase the amount of story time kids all over the world have with an adult. I decided to set up Read with MiiNii for Free, the not for profit arm of MiiNii Books. Every time a customer purchases a MiiNii book, a child on our waiting list gets ten free minutes of story time with MiiNii. The concept is simple, kids love it and it’s free. With the challenges of a fast paced, digital world, quality time spent reading with kids is not only fun but an investment in their future.  We’re excited about Read with MiiNii for Free and hope you are too.  Click here for more.

Join MiiNii
MiiNii, in a few words, is about raising little readers to become great leaders. Join me on this journey by following MiiNii on social media, by purchasing our books, signing up a child to Read with MiiNii For Free, or by simply getting in touch below. Say hello! Let us know what you think about MiiNii! Share your ideas or see how you can get involved. Thank you!